10+ Cats That Have Way Too Dramatic Reactions To Everything


Cats are dramatic beings that are good at everything they do. But the best thing that they do is being hilarious. Pick up any cat picture and you will either smile or laugh at it.

Here are some cats that have a hilarious reaction for everything. You won’t be able to stop laughing after looking at these pictures.


When your cat can’t understand why you have another cat’s face on your mask. “Am I not beautiful enough? I will have t do something about this mask.”


“The one time I convince my cat to get a selfie, but all he can focus on is the bee. Though, I am glad for his hilarious reaction.”


“This was my cat’s first time out in snow. He came back running within a few seconds.”


Cats never like to go out, especially when their hoomans are dressed so weirdly.


“Hold me carefully. Don’t drop me. Wait, you are crushing me. I can’t breathe.”

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Well, we don’t blame our cats for anything. They have to go through a lot. We may not understand why you do what you do, but we can surely laugh at it.


Cats are natural at the art of imitation. It seems as if there are two cats in this box.


“My hooman makes me work whole day long and take weird pictures of me.”


“I am a catman. I will save you from all the evil. You can sleep peacefully in my watch.”


“My hooman does strange things at time. I can’t even tell you what he just did.”


“Screaming in silence so that nobody interrupts me, but my hooman live for these moments.”


When your cat is no less than a movie actor, you have pawsome moments to capture.


“Do not touch me like that ever again!”


This cat looks happier than he should be. Something is definitely not right.


Maybe the cat doesn’t like this name and is tired of asking you to change it.


This cat has a sole reaction for anything and everything that happens around him.

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