10+ Cats That Invaded Shops And Refused To Leave


Out of all the places, it’s very unlikely to find a cat at a departmental store. But you will be surprised to find out that cats have not left this place as well. Some pawsome cats were found inside the shops and look what they are up to.

#1 “Looks like it will be a busy day today!”

#2 Best place to sleep and chill and get everyone’s attention.

#3 It was a long tiring day. I am too tired to move. Someone please pick me up and put me to bed.

#4 No customers today. The kitty seems pretty upset.

#5 We also have a cute fluffy kitty on sale. It only demands lots of comfort and pampering.

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#6 “I ordered some meat. Is my package ready?”

#7 “We were playing hide and seek. Then, I found this kitty here after two days. So if your cat is asking for too much attention, go play hide and seek with them.”

#8 The kitty found this place purrfectly close and fell asleep immediately.

#9 This kitty comes free with the pan. He will stare at you till the time you don’t give him food.

#10 This cats looks at the customer and judge them till the time they don’t leave. “You are being watched!”

#11 Best hiding place ever!

#12 This is what cats do with empty cardboard boxes. Well, there are plenty of cardboard boxes in the store.

#13 Place where cats will get attention and pampering whole day long.

#14 “Thank you for visiting the store! See you again very soon.”

#15 Get free entertainment along with some Fanta!

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