10 Cats That Like To Steal Everything Including Our Hearts


Cats are sneaky and smart creatures that know how to get what they want. But sometimes, they are caught in the cat. Where there’s a cat, there has to be some trouble as well. Otherwise, life won’t be much fun. Cats don’t like things that come easy. They like to complicate them and then solve it in their own manner.

Here are some cats that were caught in the act of stealing and it’s totally hilarious how they try to justify themselves.


“Finally caught the pizza thief in the house! This is why my cat is fat.”


If something goes missing in the house, do check out your cat’s secret treasure. Cats like to hoard food too.


“Look who has been stealing my cat all this while! Finally caught him.”


If your cat likes you clothes, you let him take it.


Cats like fancy things too. They won’t you for it because they know what’s yours belong to you too.

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Well, we have to say that these cats are doing a great job! Even though their hoomans catch them at times, their efforts must be appreciated. What do you think about their justification for doing what they do? We think they are pretty good, both at stealing and trying to act innocent afterwards.


Ordered food and got a cat inside.


“I need this carrot more than the snowman does! I will deal with my hooman later. Let me accomplish the mission first.”


When the cat believes that the bird house was made for him, you don’t ask him to move. Cats deserve to get what they want.


Never tell your cat where you keep your food.


“I was about to tell you about this. Somebody left it here. I don’t know who did this.”

Have you also caught your kitty stealing your food? If yes, then what was it? It’s always fun to listen about cat stories and their pranks. Share your cat story with us in the comment section.

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