10 Cats That Love To Destroy Christmas Trees And It’s Infuriating


Cats love Christmas the most and their favorite part is destroying the Christmas trees. The felines can’t see the Christmas tree stand upright for long. Their sole mission every Christmas is to bring the tree down. Maybe the cats think that it is some kind of game that their hoomans set up for them. They should consider asking their hoomans for once.

Here are some cats that destroyed the Christmas tree just moments after it was put up and they have no clue why their hoomans are so angry at them.


“Hi hooman, see I made a hiding place with this sparkling tree. Do you want to play hide and seek with me?”


“Presents are meant to be opened this way. Why are you getting angry at me? I only helped you!”


When you finish your work exactly as it was supposed to be done and walk out like a Queen. This cat had similar feels after destroying this tree.


“I heard you need help with the Christmas decorations. Tell me what is to be done.”


The Christmas tree is standing up right. But if you look closely, the cat is already on it’s way to bring it down.

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The cat is on his way to eat up the entire tree. This Christmas the cat has found a new way to destroy the tree. Hungry cats can eat up anything.


Is it time to give the Christmas tree a hug already? This cat thinks it is.


When you have one cat in the house, the Christmas tree can stand for ten hours. But if there are two cats, the tree can only stand for a few minutes.


There can’t be a Christmas decoration without the cat being a part of it.


“Hi hooman, I think the Christmas decorations are purrfect this year. You left the Christmas tree upright, so I pushed it to the floor to complete your unfinished task. You can thank me later. I have to take a nap now.”

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