10 Cats That Need Public Recognition For Their Acts


Are you looking for some inspiration for doing something you would be embarrassed of? Then felines are the creatures you are looking for. Cats are always doing something weird and strange and they don’t care about what others will think. So if you think that something is fun, but can’t stop wondering what others will think about it, you need some cat motivation.

Here are some cats that will show you that there is nothing wrong with doing what you want. After all, it’s your life so why should you let anyone tell you how to live it.


Why waste money on toys when you can get them bottles?


When cats take the advantage of your absence and you can’t do anything about it.


“Don’t leave me alone ever again. Next time, the consequences will be unimaginable.”


“I was tired of waking her up, so I had to try this. Well, it worked so I am happy.”


“I was only helping my hooman. When will you start understanding my true intentions?”

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Cats have never thought about how their actions will affect others. They simply do what they want to do. But some of their hoomans feel that they need some public recognition for their acts. You have already seen what cats are up to and they never fail to surprise us. We can never get bored of what cats do for us. They are the most amazing thing that ever happened to us.


“You don’t have to tell everyone about it. Keep your mouth shut and throw this paper in the dustbin.”


If anyone wants these specially designed slippers, you know whom to contact.


“The mouse seemed very happy. How could I have stopped him? It’s alright, don’t be so fussy about it now.”


“Why would I confess what I did and end up in trouble? Why are these hoomans so stupid?”


“Someone has to speak up or these dogs will keep torturing us.”

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