10 Cats That Proved “If It Fits, I Sits”


Cats are always up for fun challenges that push their limits. This one must have surely did. Some cats took up the ‘If it fits, I sits’ challenge and they killed it. You will be amazed by the talent of these felines that never give up. If it is not meant to happen, they always make it happen.

Have a look at these cats and you will know for yourself what we are talking about!


“If I said I will fit in, I will. I never go back on my words.”


“There’s enough space for the two of us. You need to shift a little.”


There’s no bond greater than a bond of friendship in the whole world. Look at these two pawsome friends. be it sorrow or happiness, they always stay together.


“I am a catfish.” Things a cat do to fit in!


“Look what you made me do. These stupid challenges have to end before I get myself in trouble.”

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Big box or a small box, the size doesn’t matter. If a cat says it will fit in, it will. You just sit and watch them do their magic. You must be already surprised to see some of these cats fitting in places that are too small for them. But cats are cats. They are always up for fun and adventure. What these cats are not ready to accept is failure. The felines may end up twisted or upside down, but once they have made a commitment, they honor it.


A cat knows when he can fit in. This is the purrfect one for this kitty. Just made for each other!


Fit in a box challenge? Bring it on!


“For a moment I thought that it was a fur coat and not my cat.” Felines can do anything to fit in a box.


A cat family always stays together, no matter how hard it gets.


Look at this little furry one here! We saved the best for the last.

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