10+ Owners Share Hysterical Reasons Why Their Cats Are Sad


Have you been wondering why your cat is sad? Well, you are at the right place then. Some cats explained the reasons why they are sad. Even though some of them are relatable, it is hilarious to see that such things are affecting our felines as much as they affect us. Read and find out what is making your cat depressed and sad.

#1 If you think cats are insensitive, just read this and your perspective will change.

#2 This is some genuine issue. Even some humans will get traumatized if they don’t get a drink in such situations.

#3 Let’s see how long does this kitty stays put.

#4 Cats issues we generally don’t have a clue about.

#5 When a kitty gets to stay in a cardboard box furrever, he may get sad.

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#6 It’s not easy kitty. We know that you are trying hard. Maybe someday, it will happen.

#7 This kitty’s hope of getting into a relationship went down like the Titanic.

#8 “Help me get back down. I don’t like it up here.”

#9 When black cats regret not having huge white beards.

#10 Maybe cuddling next to the plant will help to keep it alive.

#11 Cats focus on self-improvement too. And their only reaction to bad progress is a sad face before they decide to sleep on it.

#12 Please listen to the poor kitty for once.

#13 When nobody shows up at your birthday party, you celebrate alone.

#14 This cat is figuring where to find a time machine. Please tell us too once you find it.

#15 When you have no purpose in life, but you still try to organize it. Good luck, finding purpose!

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