10 Cats That Started Malfunctioning And Their Hoomans Don’t Know Why


Cats can be really weird at times. They go on to do things that we can’t even imagine that they are capable of doing. These mysterious creatures are always up to something or the other. The felines always have something to keep themselves amused. They also keep us amused and never let us get bored.

Here are some cats that are acting as if something is wrong with them. What are they up to? Have a look and tell us what you think.


“I don’t know how I got into this position. Can you help me straighten up please? I think I am stuck.”


When your cat starts walking on two legs and act as if they know everything, there is something that is definitely wrong with them. They may be possessed or something.


“My cat was spying on me and he fell asleep like this. He is sleeping peacefully since a few hours now.”


When your cat agrees to sit in the right place for once and gives you the look that it is only for you.


The lord has answered our call. It’s time to take our revenge.

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What do you think? Are these cats broken or do they know some secret magic? Look at some more cats below and maybe then you would be able to answer these questions or maybe not.


This cat is confused whether he should choose the box over his hooman’s happiness. Just look at that expression! Too adorable to ignore.


When your cat is super bored and can’t find any new ways to amuse himself, he might do this.


“Okay hooman, I will listen to your plan. But that doesn’t mean that I will act on it too. I like to stick with my own plans.”


“My cat likes to mimic me sometimes. He caught me doing the splits in the morning and look I caught him doing.”


“Maybe it’s time to stretch a bit before I go back to sleep again.”

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