10 Cats That Surprised Everyone With Their Pawsome Looks


Many a times cat hoomans are shocked to see their cat’s expressions. Cats are not that expressive and hardly pay attention to their hoomans. But when they finally choose to react, their expressions are totally surprising. Don’t miss out these cats with pawsome looks!

#1 “How could you betray me and get another pet! I wasn’t expecting this from you.”

#2 When your cat knows that he rules the world and wears a cape too.

#3 Cats know that they deserve love and some even wear it on their fur like this one here.

#4 This cat is a fluffy furball in its truest sense.

#5 This cat refused to talk to his hooman after he forgot to get his favorite treats. Well, cats know purrfectly well how to treat their hoomans.

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#6 When your cat is upset and got nowhere to hide. “My belly fur is enough to hide my face.”

#7 This cat has been furious with his hooman since the day they brought him home. We wonder what went wrong.

#8 When your cat can’t understand why you need to get a dog, he will judge him till his last day.

#9 Is that a mustache? Since when did cats start growing mustache? A bit weird, but it suits you little cat.

#10 When your cat tries to give you some motivation to do yoga, but can’t do away with the look  of disappointment on his face.

Some of you might be looking at your cats and wondering if they are also capable of these pawsome looks. Well, if not yet, then it will definitely happen someday. All you need to do is observe closely.

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