10 Cats That Went From Being Fat To Purrfectly Lean


Getting lean is a tough job for both humans and cats. But it gets a bit easier when humans and their furry companions go on a diet together. Cats are a dose of all the motivation we need to get going.

Here are ten cats that went from being fat to being lean and they look pawsome.


This cat understands that losing all the fat was not easy. So he doesn’t want to make his fat feline friends jealous. Only cats can have such pure thoughts.


This cat was 15 kg when he got adopted. Now, he is just 9 kg. He did a lot of hard work to reach where he is today.


Fluffy white cat has been through a lot to be where she is today.


“My human wanted me to lose all the weight. I swear it was way hard than it looks. Can I get some meat now? I am tired of dieting.”


When you decide to turn all those sympathetic looks into the one in awe, you go from being chonky to sleek and smart.

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Looking at these lean adorable cats, you must also be motivated to get in shape. We all know it’s not easy, but it’s definitely worth it. Our felines know it and you know it too.


This one had a complete change of heart and went from fluffy to lean. It seems as if there are two different cats.


Cats may not like to go on dieting, but they definitely like what it results into.


When your get to the other side somehow, but don’t have the courage to face the camera.


“My hooman turned me into a pretty cat. I am truly grateful!” When your cat finally acknowledges your all the efforts you made for them.


When you get a fat cat so that the two of you can diet together. You need someone to motivate you or maybe go through the same thing together. It’s easier that way.

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