10 Cats That Were Caught By Their Hoomans Doing Weird Things And It’s Hilarious


Cats are always planning and plotting their next move. Their hoomans are left wondering what their fur balls are up to, but they always fail to comprehend. Here are some fur balls that were caught doing their weird thing. We sure couldn’t understand what they were doing, but it surely made us laugh. See for yourselves and if you have any clue what these fur balls were up to, let us know.

#1 Did you know cats have secret super power to fly? Maybe this is the reason it’s almost impossible to keep things hidden from them.

#2 Even though this kitty looks pretty calm, his mind is full of wicked ideas. These feline creatures are always planning their next move.

#3 “Can’t you let a kitty read in piece?”

#4 This fur ball is secretly watching his prey and calculating its next move. They are really good at observing secretly.

#5 This kitty has mastered the art of yoga. Anyway up for yoga classes? Don’t laugh! He’s very strict when it comes to training.

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#6 The team of fur balls is very close to solving the case. The culprit will be caught any moment now.

#7 Some cats do all the work, while some love to sit and boss around. Also, click one or two pictures.

#8 Cats can be very possessive when it comes to kids. You can surely trust your cat around your kid. They mean no harm to them.

#9 “My cat likes to scroll down my Instagram feed all the time. No wonder I have to delete all the weird meaningless comments he makes.”

#10 “My cat likes to do serious stuff and believes my glasses suit him more than me.”

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