10+ Cats That Were Publicly Shamed By Their Hoomans


Cats are adorable, but they can be jerks at times. These cats were caught by their hoomans at their worst behavior and they deserve to be punished. See what these sneaky creatures did!

#1 “You refused to get me a new eating bowl. Here’s how I am dealing with it.”

#2 When you don’t give them enough food, this is how they take revenge. “It’s your fault hooman. We didn’t do anything.”

#3 Your cat can’t decide if he wants to go out or not? It’s just a trick to get your attention. Don’t be fooled.

#4 Your cats may be really smart, but once in a while they will do something that will require rescuing. Look out for any trouble your cat may get in.

#5 “When my cat is trying to help me accomplish a task, this is the level of seriousness he shows.”

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#6 “Just got new flip-flips, but my cat chose to redesign them.”

#7 “Every time I try to take a selfie with my cat, this is how he reacts. I think this is his favorite pose now.”

#8 “My cat is a fan of Chanel too. She just likes to play with it at times”

#9 Thinking of leaving your cat alone? Then you should be prepared for cleaning up later.

#10 Never tell your cat that you are more talented than them. They will prove you wrong and you will have to pay the price.

#11 Cats hate when you don’t give them all the attention they deserve. They will do anything for it, even if it means breaking a bone or two.

#12 “Every time I come back from grocery shopping, my cat decides to do a little checking himself.”

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