10 Cats That Were Publicly Shamed For Their Acts


Cats do a lot of shameful things and sometimes their humans choose to share it with the world. Humans not only like to complain about their kids, but their cats as well. After all, cats are also a part of their family and no less than the kids in the house. So publically shaming them may not be a bad idea. Here are some cats whose hooman shared with the world what these furry creatures have been up to. Have a look and you won’t stop laughing.

#1 “Obviously it was a big deal. Why are you jealous if my hooman cares for me!?”

#2 “I thought it would be fun, but now I am thinking if I should do it again or not.”

#3 “Snow is deceptive just like us felines. It only looks good, but doesn’t feel the same. Take me inside the home now.”

#4 Some days are good, while others are not so good.

#5 “What’s a cookie without my approval! I did this on purpose.”

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Cats always do what they feel like doing. Right and wrong do not exist in their dictionary. So you can see why our felines feel that there is no need to judge them for anything they do. Next time when you feel that there is something wrong with a cat, don’t even try to comment upon it. Cats are always right and there is no doubt about it.

#6 “The baby kicked me first. I thought this was a game. Don’t blame me for it. It was that little monster.”

#7 “So this dress is more important than me? Let me sleep on it and see what’s so special about it.”

#8 Never ever forget to feed a cat. The consequences can be really bad as some cats too have anger issues.

#9 “My hooman did all the efforts for me. I had to do the honors. See this is how it’s done.”

#10 Somebody had to tell the humans that cats like to get dressed too. “Why should dogs have all the fun!”

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