10 Cats That Will Explain What They Have Been Trying To Tell You All This While


Cats do weird stuff all the time. Only hoomans know what is going on in their cat’s mind. But sometimes these furballs are  just unpredictable and no one has a clue about it. Still, cat lovers always try to make their cats happy. The way these cats react is confusing, yet hilarious.

#1 Cats will make sure that you keep a share for them in everything you eat even if it’s the last thing they would like to eat.

#2 Felines only spot things that they like to find. There is no point even trying to change it.

#3 This kitty is too scared of the vets. He refuses to come out of the sink now.

#4 Finding comfort is not my goal as long as I manage to be a part of everything you do.

#5 Never open a book when your cat is waiting to snuggle next to. Just focus on scratching them at that time, else they would feel betrayed.

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#6 Everyone hates things that comes in abundance. Cats are no different when it comes to that.

#7 If your cat cuddles with you, is he even your cat? They are meant to disturb your sleep and wake you up in the middle of the night.

#8 Does your cat do that too? Guess what, they have been planning it all along.

#9 Cats like to sleep in your chair, in your bed and everywhere you plan on sitting next.

#10 If your cat doesn’t do this ever time you are leaving him alone at home, does he even love you? You should get suspicious. What if your cat is planning to kill you behind your back!?

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