10+ Cats That Will Prove Felines Can Also Be Good Girls/Boys


You have always heard that cats are insensitive and selfish. They only care about their own needs and make their hooman run after them whole day long. Well, this is completely false. We have found some of the most pawsome and caring cats that will melt your heart. Have a look and know to what extent these cats can go for ensuring their hooman’s well being!

#1 This kitty visits his old hooman everyday. He knows purrfectly well how to comfort the old lady.

#2 “Our pet dog was scared of the noises outside, so our little kitty sat beside him the entire time.”

#3 This cat likes to cuddle with the little toy. He is very caring and adorable.

#4 Who said cats and dogs can’t be friends? Look at this one taking care of his adopted sibling.

#5 It’s time for staring at the squirrels! Some rituals are just pawsome.

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#6 The cat took care of his hooman who fell and looked after her till help arrived. Who said cats are selfish! Just look at this one.

#7 “Nobody gets to touch the chickens till I guard them!”

#8 “Our dog Lilly had a surgery. Now she is recovering quickly as our cat Mittens nurse her.”

#9 “Meet Toby! Our office cat. He makes every visitor at the vet comfortable. Good kitty, knows how to make everyone happy.”

#10 Cats do everything for you, even if it involves being the doctor’s experiment.

#11 “Why is the baby sleeping without a pillow? Let me see how I can help!”

#12 There’s nothing to worry about when you have a cat to ensure that everything will be alright.

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