10 Cats That Will Show You Why They Have Perfect Logic


Cat logic is the best logic in the whole world. The felines always have a logic for everything that they do. Cats think their way through everything they do. This is why they get so tired and need a nap every half an hour. Thinking definitely takes a toll on cats. This is why they never go wrong and achieve all their goals successfully. Cats also know that their hoomans will save them in case they get in some trouble.

Here are some cats trying to show you why their logic is always purrfect!


We will never understand why cats don’t like to sleep in their beds.


Guess where is the kitty? Definitely, not in its bed.


Living with a cat is super fun. They like to be creative with everything.


When your cat says that he needs food, you have to give them food. You should never question them.


It’s hilarious how cats can act as if they are starving even after eating ten meals in a day. Cats can’t stop obsessing with food.

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So what do you think? Do you agree with their logic or not? Well, if you don’t, then good luck with that because cats won’t explain any further. Cats will explain once only because they know if you don’t get it once, then you will never get it. Cat hoomans are smart enough for these explanations now.


Cats are smart, but their hoomans are smarter.


Cats love sunlight so much that they can sleep in the sun for most of the days. This is what they do most of the winters.


This cat likes to hang out here when he needs some alone time.


“There was a window and then there were plants on the table. So we had to make some space to stare out the window comfortably. We hope you don’t mind.”


This is why you find your cat sitting on your face when you wake up in the morning.

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