10 Cats To Brighten Your Day In Lockdown


Has this lockdown left you feeling low and unhappy? Then it is high time that you adopt a cat! Yes, you read that right. Cats are the solution to your every problem. They are selfish, yet know how to make you laugh. They will make you chase them the entire day and sit on your head while you sleep. But one thing is for sure that they will care for you. Studies show that cat hoomans are happier and also have low stress rates. Look at these adorable felines and you will know that they are pawsome!

#1 Who needs a doctor when you have a feline at home?

#2 When your cat finds out about the secret treasure and stares at you in disappointment.

#3 This cat likes to sit and watch his hooman prepare dinner. He shows his approval by putting a hand on his hooman’s head.

#4 Secret romance away from the eyes of their hooman. “Well, who will look for us in the fridge!”

#5 When your cat has had enough and gives you one last warning.

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#6 “My cat’s first successful attempt at jumping into the fridge. This was his reaction. Confused, but adorable!”

#7 This kitty took the fit in a basket challenge and he finally exceeded. Cats never lose, not because of their size.

#8 This cat ripped open his favorite toy. Look how closely he is watching his old hooman sew it back. No regrets at all!

#9 When you ask your kitty not to do something, but he finds out another way of annoying you. Cats will never change, except for their ever changing ways of amusing us.

#10 Poser kitty knows how to showoff!

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