10 Cats Who Are Completely Defying Gravity And The Laws Of Physics (New Pics)


Cats are good at everything they do. But they also have a secret talent to defy gravity. The more we think we know cats, the more these pawsome creatures end up surprising us. Ever seen your cat hanging upside down? If yes, then you are truly lucky to witness this with your own eyes. And if not, then worry not because we have a pawsome collection of cats defying the laws of physics and gravity.


This cat saw his hooman doing some stretching and he decided to follow. He definitely took it to another level.


“I took my cat out for a walk for the first time and this happened. I think my cat has been watching too many superhero movies lately.”


This is what your cats do behind your back. Climbing walls and getting into trouble has always been their thing.


“Walking on the floor is too basic. Let me try something else.”


“Hi hooman, I couldn’t decide where I should sleep tonight. So I thought of trying this out. Looks pretty cool, maybe I should sleep like this.”

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So are you surprised or is this pretty normal for you? Do share your experience with us in the comments. Cats are mysterious creatures and we have failed to unravel all their secrets yet. Time and again, these majestic creatures keep on surprising us. Well, at least there is something to look forward to.


“I woke up in the middle of the night to this and I don’t know what’s wrong with my cat. I am scared of him now.”


When your cat gets bored of looking out the window, he may try this.


When your cat can’t decide on which one to sleep and chooses to hang in the middle instead.


“I am almost there. Just a few more steps.”


“I didn’t see this door. Why do hoomans have to put doors everywhere? I totally hate these shields that come in my way all the time.”

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