10 Cats Who Are Constantly Overreacting To Everything


Cats can go pretty crazy if they don’t get what they want. For starters, cats want all your love, attention and time. Anything less than that is not acceptable. So if you want to adopt a cat, please keep all this in mind. But all this is worth the love and happiness that cats fill your life with. They may be a bit dramatic and overreact at times, but they are the most pawsome pets that you could wish for.

Here are some hilarious cats overreacting to everything constantly. You don’t want to miss this dose of laughter. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and have a look at these pawsome cat pictures!


“What is wrong with the road ahead? Please drive carefully. Are we going to die? Stop the car now. I am scared.”


“Give me water, hooman. I think I am dying. Pick me up and put me to bed quickly.”


“If I get even two minutes late in feeding my cat, this is how dramatic he gets.” Always be on time when it comes to feeding your cat. The consequences of not doing so can be horrific.


“Please don’t leave me alone. I will die of boredom here.”


“Every time my hooman is getting a selfie, this is how she poses. She definitely can’t keep a straight face.”

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“My cat will stare at me constantly when I take him out for a ride. He makes sure that I am not distracted by anything other than him.”


“Thank you god for sunlight. You have no clue how blessed I feel right now.”


“Oh lord, save me from this torture. My hooman wouldn’t even feed me properly.” That’s how dramatic cats can get if you don’t give them extra food.


“How dare you left me outside! I told you to leave the door open at all times. What are you looking at? Open it quickly!”


“My hooman wants to kill me. Someone save me please!”

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