10 Cats Who Are Totally Against Selfies But Still Look Pawsome


Even though selfies are a trend nowadays, our furballs are still uncomfortable with selfies. Felines know that they are adorable, but they don’t feel the need to show off. However, their hoomans can’t resist it at all. The most interesting part about cat selfies is their amusing expression. Some of the felines look totally surprised, while the others are a natural at it. Nonetheless, each of them looks totally adorable.

Here are some pawsome cat-human selfies that will melt your hearts away.

#1 “My cat finally gave me permission to take a selfie. I can’t stop staring at this picture now.”

#2 When your cat wants to play, but you force her to pose for a selfie.

#3 Cats fail to understand why their humans look at the camera and smile. “Is something wrong or am I born in the wrong era?”

#4 “My cat is tired of selfies, but I am totally obsessed.”

#5 “Waiting for my cat to look at the camera since furrever. Anyways, this expression works well too.”

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#6 “My cat supports me in every thing. She is a pro at selfies now.”

#7 My cat gets over excited every time I tell her to pose for a picture.

#8 “Every time I try to convince my cat for a picture, this is what he does.”

#9 This kitty is still scared of cameras. He hides away every time I force him to get clicked.

#10 “My cat is getting trained at posing for selfies. Some of her pictures look totally candid.”

We are sure that all cat hoomans reading this have tons of cat selfies in their phones already. If not, then you must already be rushing to get an amazing collection.

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