10 Cats Who Couldn’t Care Less For Their Actions


Cats do everything with full confidence and without any regrets. Even though they always have an explanation to back up their weird and silly actions, they may not care to explain them to you. In most cases, cat hoomans have to make presumptions for the things their cats do.

Here are some funny explanations that cat hoomans gave in order to explain what their cats did. They are totally hilarious. Have a look!

#1 “I was only trying to follow my dieting schedule. My hooman always likes to pamper me with extra calories.”

#2 “If you can’t understand why I do what I do, then you better keep you r mouth shut and not make fun of it.”

#3 Someone has to take advantage of those adorable eyes. You are doing the right thing, little fur ball.

#4 “I was only checking if she was alive. So much for taking care of my hooman.”

#5 “It’s my life, my rules and my choices. You don’t have a say in it.”

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#6 “Waking up early is a good thing. It’s the secret of the well-being of a feline. Humans will never understand. But I will try my best to make them understand.”

#7 “My hoomans knows it and she still locks me in the bathroom. It’s not my fault.”

#8 It’s good to discard old things before getting new ones. This ensures that there is always space for the new empty boxes.

#9 “So now money is more important to you than my mental health? You know how important it is for me to talk to my friend squirrel everyday. Otherwise, who will I share all the gossip with!”

#10 That can happen if you live with a cat.

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