10 Cats Who Did Hilariously Horrible Crimes And They Don’t Care What You Think


Even though cats always have good intentions, they may end up being mean at times. Now, if you see your cat doing something really rude or mean, you should first judge your own actions. A cat doesn’t do anything without any purrticular reason. Something has to trigger the monster in them.

Here are some cats that did something really horrible and they do not care how you feel.


When your cat refuses to move from the warmest place in your home, you need to do something about it.


When a cat takes revenge, it can get really mean. So better think a hundred times before you make your cat angry.


This cat won’t sleep till the time his hooman put him to bed.


Cats can steal bacon if left unattended. So you better take care of that.


“My hooman likes to dress me up in weird dresses. Only recently I got to know that she was preparing for Halloween all this while. She wants me to be her little girl. I think I am doing everything I can to help her.”

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See this is why you should never ever make your cat angry. They can get really mean even though they only want to teach you a lesson. Because cats always like to keep their hoomans disciplined. They won’t have it any other way.


No matter how much cats evolve, this will always be the hardest question for them.


Never put anything inside huge bowls in which your cat can fit. You will never get to see that thing again.


When your cat finally decides to tell you that he loves you. It can get pretty intense at times.


“This is what my neighbor’s cat does every morning. I am not sure if he is angry at me or just wants some food.”


When your cat doesn’t behave nicely and has no guilt about it. “I am not apologizing. You better back off or worse can happen.”

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