10 Cats Who Don’t Even Look Real


Cats are magical creatures who can do anything at any time. Nobody can ever figure out what they are up to. But there are some cats who are themselves confused what destiny has brought on them. Yes, these cats are confused even if they were supposed to be a cat or not because they don’t look real.

Have a look at these cat and judge for yourselves! We bet you won’t be able to control your laughter.


The kitty with the furrever shocked look on his face. This look suits you little kitty.


When even your cat’s fur knows that love is the only thing that ever matters, but your kitty can’t stick by it.


Is it a cat or furrever sad kitty. Well, cheer up kitty because you got a beautiful haircut.


This kitty be furrever hiding his face. It seems that he doesn’t have to go anywhere to do that.


We will never be able to figure out what this kitty is up to, but we hope he only has good intentions.

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It’s amazing to see how cats always surprise us. Sometimes by their acts or sometimes by their appearance, cats always amuse us. These cats are themselves confused what went wrong with them. But as always, cats know how to keep everything under control all the time. Look how pawsomely they are making use of their looks to win everyone’s heart. We are your furrever fans adorable cats.


This cat got a mustache and he is not happy about it.


This fluffball has no legs or maybe he is hangry at his hooman for not giving me a haircut on time.


Some cats can walk on two legs, some can’t. This one is totally special.


This cat was supposed to be a human, but he ended up in the wrong body.


This cat can’t figure out how the dog can be at peace all the time.

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