10 Cats Who Know How to Add a Spark of Madness to Their Hoomans’ Lives


Cat hoomans know that cats are the true source of joy in their lives. Without cats, life can get really dull and boring. All the mischievous acts of the cat keep life interesting and full of fun. Cats may not listen to you and create a huge mess in your homes, but they are also the ones who bring a huge smile on your face.

Here are some cats who always add a spark of madness to their human’s life. Have a look and it will bring a smile on your face too!


When you tell your cat to stay put for a minute and just when you are about to click a decent picture, this happens.


The day you get your cat home is the most memorable one.


Convincing your cat to go out with you on a road trip can be quite a challenge.


This cat is totally planning to attack his hooman. You better be a little careful tonight, cat hooman.


It’s time to get out of the lazy routine and get back in shape. Even this cat understands the importance of exercising.

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It’s interesting to see how cats always come up with innovative ideas to add a spark to their hooman’s life. Cats know that their hoomans are super boring and they need them to fill their lives with fun and entertainment.


“You give me your catnip or I won’t leave you alone.”


This picture was captured just before he attacked his hooman.


Sometimes cats also regret their actions. This cat’s expression is a living proof of it.


Cats can enter the bathroom, but they have to stay away from water. This cat is doing it pretty well.


This shelf is left empty just for the cat. Cats are the most important members of the family.

What does your cat do to add a spark to your life? Share your crazy cat story with us in the comments below. Don’t forget to share this pawsome cat stories with all the cat lovers around you. Stay pawsome and happy!

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