10 Cats Who Never Give Up


Are you tired and do not have the motivation to move further? Then these pawsome cats will show you how to deal with your troubles. Cats have always come to our rescue whenever we needed them. In situations like these, giving up seems a convenient option to many. But not to our purrfect felines who choose to persevere and fight in every situation.


When cats get tired, they take rest. They never quit. This is one thing that we all need to learn in our lives too.


“I was trying to get a better view, but then I got stuck. But this is not going to stop me.”


When your cat knows the value of books more than you do. Look how he is resting after reading all these books. It even seems possessive about the books.


When both of you have to sit at the same place, but none of you moves. “So what we can sit in comfortably together.”


When your cat takes your dog beds and refuses to move. “It’s the best nap of my life ever.”

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Cats have always been an inspiration for us. They have always inspired us and given us tons of motivation when needed. These felines have further shown us that when you decide to achieve something, you have to go after it with all your will. There is no stopping or looking back. If you are tired, then take a nap and things will get better again. But never quit and keep moving.


“I am almost there. It would be good if somebody helped.”


Stubborn cats so what they want even if it gets uncomfortable at times.


“My cat tried to fix the photocopy machine. But he got tired in between and decided to sleep. Look how adorable he looks!”


“I am almost there, but maybe I should take a nap first.”


“My cat sleeps like this whenever he needs a break from life. I find this totally adorable. Even my cat has a sacred place.”

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