10 Cats Who Regretted Their Decision Instantly


The feline creatures are always up for adventure. Even though they plan their every move and act smartly, this doesn’t mean that never get in trouble. Cats get in trouble all the time. If you live with them, you will often see it for yourself. But you never had the chance to adopt a cat, we have a collection of some cats that regretted their decisions. Now, they will be extra careful next time or maybe not.

#1 “Now I know why you were trying to keep me away from that bag. I will listen to you next time.

#2 We all know that cats don’t like water much. This cat surely regrets missing her swimming classes.

#3 “I knew it was about to rain, but still my hooman had to take me out for a stroll. I should try pretending to be asleep next time.”

#4 “I was only trying to get a better view. Please help me, hooma!

#5 “I thought this would be a nice place to sleep. I have change of mind now. Please take me out of here.

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#6 This kitty will not even go near a pond for a long, long time, let alone catch a fish.

#7 “What was my hooman thinking letting this dog inside? He surely hates me. Get out, you filthy dog!

#8 “I only know the way in. Someone please teach me the way out.

#9 What is this kitty up to? Are we playing hide and seek? Well, you don’t have to make it so tough.

#10 “I was just exploring a new hiding place. Now I think I was better before all this started. Will you help me or just stand there laughing?!”

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