10+ Cats With True Cattitude


Cats without attitude would be pretty boring. The felines are known for this all around the world. In fact there is a special word for cat attitude. It’s called cattitude. Cat lovers know about it and now, you do too.

Here are some cats that can’t do anything without their attitude. Have a look at these cats and you will know about it!


“I caught my cat stealing from my fridge. Look how picky is she!”


“Every time my cat does something wrong, he hides and look how angry I am. Instantly, all my anger melts into love for this cute creature.”


Cats won’t accept your affection so easily. You have to make them trust you first.


“My cat likes to do this a lot. He knows how much it irritates me.”


“Just sit outside and guard the door. Don’t let anyone inside without my permission!”

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See even the dogs are scared of cattitude. What do you think? Is it something to adore or to be scared of? We believe the world will be really boring without cattitude. It’s good to have some fun living creatures around. Felines have a way of doing things and it is always different from the rest.


If a cat chooses to sleep in your bed, you won’t get to sleep anyways. So it would be better if you choose the floor.


“Eat properly. Don’t leave even a single grain!”


This happens once in a while. You don’t have to publicly shame your cat for this. Imagine your parents doing that to you.


“My cat is better than your cat. Also, I don’t need friends to drink with.”


“We didn’t expect you to be back home so early. Go to office now and don’t come back till we are done. We will drop a message for you.”


The masters of mischief at work.


“No means no. Is it so difficult for you to understand?”

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