10 Clingy Pets That Refuse To Leave Their Owners


Clingy cats are better than those cats who show no affection at all. Every cat hooman wait for the day when their cat starts trusting them and finally shows them their real side. But sometimes, this ends into clingy cats who can’t leave you alone even for a minute.

Have a look at these cats and you will know what we are talking about. No matter how clingy, cats are always hilarious.


“Why did you leave me alone while I was sleeping? I was looking for you everywhere and here you are, playing with water. You should be scared of water. It is a wicked thing.”


You can’t do anything artistic without the masters of art.


You can never hide from a cat. They can find you anywhere, any time.


This cat saw something really surprising. We are not sure if it’s good or bad. Are you okay there, little kitty?


“My cat totally hates my laptop because he can’t take any naps in my lap now. Look how he is trying to deal with it.”

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Cats can be really selfish at times and won’t pay you any attention. But once they get possessive, they won’t even leave you for a second. These cats have already shown you to what level their possessiveness can go. As you can see already that it is limitless. Here are some more cats to show you what happens when they get possessive.


This cat seems totally guilty for what he did, but the dog has no clue.


When you find all your cats at one place looking this curious, they are definitely up to something.


This cat’s expression says it all. Never try to shut your cat in shower. They just can’t bear it.


Look at those silver paws! They look really sharp. Nothing can stop them.


“My cat is possessive of me, especially when my boyfriend visits me. This is what he does every time.”

Is your cat clingy too? Tell us in the comments.

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