10 Creative Ways To Protect Your Christmas Trees From Cats


Christmas is almost here and people have already started planning which Christmas tree they want. Will it be huge or small? And which lights should they bring for Christmas? But for cat hoomans, there is another big question to be taken care of. How to protect the Christmas tree from the cats? It is no surprise that cats don’t like the Christmas tree and they do everything to destroy it.

This year you can protect your Christmas tree from your cats in some creative ways. Here are some simple ways in which you can protect your Christmas trees from your cats.


Cover your Christmas tree and protect it from your cat.


This is the safest place for your Christmas tree if you have a cat at home. Your cat may try its best, but it won’t be able to get to the tree.


It’s not over yet. The cat is still thinking of ways to get to the top. Maybe climbing up will work.


The cat is totally confused why the tree is upside down this year. Well, everything is pretty much upside down this year.


Do you want to keep your cat busy thinking? Get an invisible Christmas tree and just put the hangings around it.

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Which one do you think will work best for you? Have you already thought of protecting your Christmas tree from your cat? Then do share your ideas with everyone in the comments.


Make your cat wear the Christmas dress to him feel responsible for protecting your Christmas tree. This way your cat will not attack the Christmas tree himself and also protect others from doing the same.


“Hooman, I think the tree looks better outside the cage. Please take it out. I promise I won’t do anything to it.”


How about covering your Christmas tree with lights? This is working well so far.


“What happened to the Christmas tree this year? Did it shrink? It is no fun playing with this one.”


“The cats feel safe and protected sleeping beneath the Christmas tree.”

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