10 Differences Between Cat And Human Vision


Felines are way different than our world. They like to do everything on their own terms. An artistic researcher Nicholas Lamm consulted several vision specialists for cats in America. He tried to recreate the feline vision by retouching landscape photos and differentiate it from how we see the world. Here’s how your cat sees the world!

#1 Visual Field

Cats may have a wider field of vision, but they can’t see things that are far away.

#2 Visual Acuity

Acuity refers to an image’s sharpness. A cat’s visual acuity varies from 20/100 to 20/200 as compared to a human eye which is 20/20.

#3 Color perception

Cats cannot conceive colors properly and its vision is similar to that of a colorblind person.

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#4 Distance

As discussed before, felines are short-sighted. This helps them to focus on their prey and hunt them down easily.

#5 Night Vision

Cats may not be able to make out all the colors, but they can see better than us in the dark. Large amount of cells in their retina helps them react easily to low intensity lights.

#6 Cats live in the gray

Cats only need one sixth of the light used by us to see at night.

#7 Road Vision

Cats have panoramic vision. Their vision quality is not as good as that of humans.

#8 Lit Alleyway

This is how your cat views things at night. They may not see all the colors, but they are definitely more accurate.

#9 Parrot

Even the colorful parrots are faded and dull for our cats.

#10 Piano

At least our cats can different between the piano keys properly.

Well, our cat’s vision may be one of the reasons why they have been acting weird all this while.

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