10 Dumb Cats Who Instantly Regretted Their Bad Decisions


Cats like to plan everything in advance. They do this in order to avoid surprises and troubles. But sometimes, cats also stuck in wrong places due to their bad decisions and have to suffer the consequences. Felines never lose hope no matter how hard the situation gets. They know that if they can’t get out of trouble themselves, their hoomans will definitely rescue them.

Here are some dumb cats that stuck in wrong places due to their bad decisions and instantly regretted it. Have a look at these hilarious cat pictures and they will brighten up your day for sure.


“Found a new hiding place, but it is getting a bit suffocating in here. Hooman, please pull me out of here.”


“Left my cat out in the rain and he looks really angry. I think he will really my favorite lamp tonight. I need to hide it before I let the cat inside.”


This is why cats don’t like to make new friends. Not everyone is trustworthy.


The cat somehow managed to get inside the jar, but he doesn’t know how to get out of it. It won’t be easy to get this cat out of here.


Cats don’t like snow for a reason. This is one of them.

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It’s interesting to see that even after lots of planning and plotting, cats get stuck in wrong places. But maybe this is how life is, uncertain and spontaneous.


Cats can reach anywhere for food. But sometimes they regret it.


“I was just playing out here and then this happened. My hooman has weird toys to play with. I don’t know how does he manage them so well.”


Cats maybe flexible, but this doesn’t mean that they can get through anywhere. Somethings are restricted for them too.


“I shouldn’t have got too friendly with this dog. He won’t leave me now. What should I do!”


“I wasn’t thirsty, just wanted some place to sleep.” Even in a huge house, cats find the most uncomfortable place to sleep.

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