10 Epic Cat Struggles Cats Face Everyday


It’s no secret that figuring out what a cat needs is next to impossible. They do something one day and then go on being a different creature the next day. Well, cats are a furrever mystery. We can only guess what they think about entire day, but we will never figure out. Here are some everyday cat struggles captured purrfectly. Have a look!

#1 “Why doesn’t my hooman understand what I need? Just look at my expressions and anybody can guess.”

#2 “Saw my hooman doing this every morning. I thought I should try this too before starting my day.”

#3 Meanwhile, humans are left wondering what their cats are up to. Never thought it would be so simple.

#4 “I don’t like plants. I like me. I want all attention on me. Now, I don’t want to hear anything else.”

#5 “Why do you always have to do that? You know I would like it if you give me some alone time.”

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Being a cat is not easy. Not everyone can match upto their level of pawsomeness. The purrfection cats show take a lot of planning and then execution of those plans. From entertaining you throughout the day to sleeping for fifteen hours a day, cats have planned it all in advance. So it is obvious that they have to face a lot of struggles.

#6 Maybe the poor kitty just lost count. We feel bad for you too kitty.

#7 So this is the secret spot where this kitty has been hiding all the lost. “Why did you move the couch? Now I will have to move everything to another place.”

#8 “It’s time for some hide and seek. We will count till ten, go hide quickly.”

#9 “It’s very simple. Don’t you see. What’s funny in this! You humans only like to complicate things.”

#10 “This is the best part of my day. No stress, no worries. Just some sleep.”

What struggles does your cat face? Are you aware of it? If yes, then do share with us in the comments below.

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