10 Faithful Cats That Will Make You Wonder If We Actually Deserve Their Love


Even though a lot of people say that cats are selfish and only care about themselves, we know the truth deep down within. Even though the felines don’t put their emotions on display all the time, they love us. The fur balls are very faithful to their hoomans. They just have a weird way of expressing their love. Have a look at these faithful fur balls and see for yourself. You will never again call a cat unfaithful.

#1 “Pepe got sad after my roomie moved out. The cat now spends half of his time sitting here missing her.”

#2 Look at this kitty clinging to his hooman after he returned home after a month.

#3 These cats brighten up the moment their hooman enters into the home.

#4 “My cat ensures that my dad has good company at all times. He gets worried if he is not around for long.”

#5 This cat was there by this old man’s side till his last day. Now that’s called loyalty and being faithful.

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#6 “My cat won’t leave my hand the moment he gets to know that I have to leave him alone and go to work. It just makes really hard for me to leave him alone.”

#7 When you are feeling cold and your cat decides to act as a blanket. “How would I survive this cold without you!”

#8 This cat can’t take his eyes off of his new hooman. “Thank you hooman for choosing me. I am so grateful.”

#9 “If I can’t bring home dead prey, at least I can get you some beautiful flowers.”

#10 This kitty is the most pampered one in the entire home. He loves to be carried around everywhere.

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