10 Fantastic Cat Posts That Are Too Good To Miss Out On


It’s practically impossible to understand a cat’s thought process. In their archaic to get all the attention, cats will go to great lengths to achieve their goal.

Here are some hilarious cat posts that will surely get your attention. This is something that cats never fail at. They may be bad at being good, but they are pawsome when it comes to making everyone laugh. Enjoy!


When your cat doesn’t like what’s cooking, but still stares at you for not sharing the food with him. “My hooman doesn’t have basic etiquettes.  He should have at least asked me.”


“My cat likes the rats play with him. He gives you the stare when you judge him. “What’s your problem hooman! Please start respecting my friends or just leave us alone.”


“I didn’t know you would be back so early. I knew you would catch me, but I wanted to grab another one before that happened.”


When the cat has his priorities set right, you got to help him.


Please trust the cat. He knows what he is doing.

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Are you enjoying these cat posts? Well, we guess that is the wrong question to ask. Would you like to see some more of these cat posts? Then continue scrolling and you will find what you seek!


When your return home late and without cat treats, you totally deserve this look.


These students are totally obedient and listens carefully to their teacher. This is why none of their plans have failed till now. “Listen carefully all, this could be quite difficult. But I trust you all.”


We bet you haven’t seen something like this before. Even this cat is pretty surprised.


Meet the Halloween kitty! A bit scary, but totally adorable.


“And the revenge is taken! Be careful next time. things could have been worse. I spared you this time.”

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