10 Funniest Cat Tweets You Will Relate To If You Own A Cat


If you ever ask a cat person to describe cats in one word, they will say ‘pawsome’. It only exists in the dictionary of a cat owner. Cats are way apart from the rest of the pets. They have a class that no other pet can level up to.

Felines are funny, cuddly, sassy, moody and totally adorable. To be honest, it’s really difficult to be all these things at once. It’s only cats who can do this. Keeping up with such diverse personalities is a really tough job that only cats can handle.

But the one thing that strikes out the most is cat humor. There is nobody who won’t laugh at cat memes or tweets. They are simply hilarious. Here is an amazing collection of cat memes for all the cat lovers.

#1 Cats are best at everything, specially when it comes to blending in.

#2 Never underestimate the power of a cat.

#3 The most mysterious question of the decade solved.

#4 Sometimes you are left wondering if there is a person stuck in your cat.

#5 Cat owners are good at doing weird stuff. All the inspiration comes from their cats.

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There are some things about cats that only their hoomans can understand. It is one thing to adore a cat and completely different to live with one. We hope our story will help you understand how it feels like to live with a cat. But one thing remains the same. Cats are always a source of entertainment for everyone around them.

#6 Cats get all confused when you don’t sleep on your usual time because they never change their sleeping routine. Well, that is because they sleep for most part of the day.

#7 Never expect your cat to be happy when you bring another pet in your home, especially a dog.

#8 When your cats have been making the most out of your gym equipment.

#9 Cats are always in search of something or the other.

#10 “My hooman is a magician. It was half empty two minutes back.”

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