10 Funny Cats Posts That Perfectly Depict How Entertaining Life Can Be With Them


Cats are like small kids who maybe only a few days old, but become the most important part of the family. They make everyone laugh even without trying and know how to cheer everyone up. People might say that cats are selfish and do not care for their hoomans at all. But those who live with a cat know that this is not true at all. Cats are a reason why cat hoomans smile everyday and stay happy. Cats can know if their hoomans are in a bad mood and not feeling okay. They can do anything to ensure that their hoomans are happy and healthy. They keep on doing all the weird things so that their hoomans stay happy.

Here are some hilarious cat posts that will show you how entertaining life is with cats. You would also want to adopt a cat after reading this pawsome cat story. Have a look!


Even the cat couldn’t agree less.


The cat will jump out of his hooman’s arms the moment all this is over. Maybe this is why cats don’t like Christmas and Christmas trees.


“Oh sky lord, please don’t make it snow again. My hooman can’t find me in all the dense snow and I totally hate it.”


Cat hoomans coming up with new ways to protect the Christmas tree. This one is really different.


Cat is also a part of the Christmas decoration. He likes to sit in front of them and get everyone’s attention.


Playtime with the cat is the best time. Cat hoomans wait for it as much as their cats do.

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When you tell your cat to pose for a picture and he agrees to smile. Best cat picture ever!


Now cats can read too. So hide away all the hate letters that you have been writing.


This Christmas, cats will help decorate the Christmas tree instead of destroying them.


Cats may not say a lot. But when they do, you better listen.

10 Hilarious Cat Photos That Show How Pawsome Life Is With Cats

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