10 Funny Cats Who Earned The Title “Drama Queen”


Cats don’t need any titles to prove anything. They know who they are. But their hoomans insist on giving them some special title, cats won’t mind. They enjoy attention, it doesn’t matter in which form it comes to them. When cats achieve something, they don’t boast about it like anyone else would do. They prefer to focus on the bigger picture. Life is all about cherishing what you have, not showing it off.

Here are some funny cats who earned the title “drama queen” and they are really happy about it. Have a look and you will know that they totally deserve it!


“Mirror, mirror on the wall, tell me I am the prettiest of all!” When a cat demands something, everybody obey.


Caught red-handed, this cat chose to surrender. This is a rare scenario because this almost never happens.


This cat is recharging itself. It had a heavy breakfast and needs rest now. Sunlight always helps.


When your cat needs to rest, but also wants to keep a watch on you.


This cat helped his hooman clean the house today and now he needs his hooman’s help to get cleaned up.

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Cats will always lend a helping hand to their hoomans. Small or big, every work is important. Cats do all they can and leave it rest to their hoomans. They know efforts are always appreciated. Cats are truly smart and pawsome creatures. We are glad to have them around.


Cats have a love for sunlight that we can’t ever understand.


This cat is upset that his hooman didn’t give him extra food today. As a sign of protest, he refuses to leave the kitchen.


“Did you eat my food again? Open your mouth and show me.” When your cat cleans up all the mess in time.


This cat has done something really wicked. It is just waiting to see his hooman’s reaction.


When the cat looks this happy, you will surely land in a big trouble soon.

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