10 Funny Examples Of How Cats Use Their Logic To Find Weird Places To Sleep In


You may spend lots on a cat bed and your cat will still not sleep on it. The cats need to explain why they do this. It is really heart breaking for the cat hoomans. But it definitely makes us all smile too.

Here are some cats that use their cat logic to find the most weird places to sleep in.


When your cat prefers to sleep in the doll house bed, rather than his own. This cat is living the dream of every small girl.


“Hi hooman, the cat stole my bed. Where should I sleep now?”


These kittens have found the cosiest place in the home to sleep.


A big bed for the cat, but he still chooses not to sleep in it. What are these cats up to?


Cats can fit in the most uncomfortable places, but they won’t sleep in the expensive bed that you got for them. Why do these cats do this?

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Why can’t cats sleep in their own beds for once? Why do they have to wander in the entire home and sleep in the most uncomfortable places. Cats really need to give an explanation for this to their hoomans. It is impossible to understand cats and with all these weird things that they do, it becomes even more difficult.


This is not your bed kitty. You better get out of it before you get any sore muscles.


When you grow a plant as a snack for your cat, but he chooses to sleep on it instead. Sleep is greater than hunger any day.


When you spend making a cat house, but this is how your cat reacts. You better stop making all these efforts.


Three cat beds in the house and the cat decides to sleep on the clothes.


When your cat can’t decide what to do with the cat bed, this is what may happen.

Do you also have a cat? If yes, then share your weird cat experience with us in the comments.

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