10 Guilty Cats That Are Not Sorry For Being Pawsome


Nobody can do what a cat does. You can either laugh at it or cry at it. There is no other option available. Cats love to do crazy things and let their hoomans deal with the consequences. The felines are only concerned with the act. What happens afterwards is not their concern.

Here are some guilty cats that are not sorry for being pawsome. You may be a little surprised are first, but then all you will end up doing is laugh uncontrollably. Have a look at these hilarious cat pictures!


Cats have to take revenge somehow. You must have done something really wrong with the cat to deserve this.


Cats like sausage too. You must offer it to them or deal with the consequences.


Cats have weird desires. You can’t tell them how to behave because they never listen.


This cat likes to collect socks. What’s wrong with it! If you can collect coins why can’t cats steal your socks and put it in their litter box.


Every cat does this. It doesn’t mean you will go around humiliating them for this. You should have been more careful before.

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Cats may act stupid and do things that they should regret. But one thing that they never do is say sorry for whatever they do. Consider yourself really lucky if you ever find a cat guilty of something and apologize for it as it never happens.


This cat has not only got brains, but courage too. “It’s good to scare the dogs away. They will never ever try to trouble me again!”


Cats are always behind the major changes in their hoomans’ life.


Cats get really innovative when they are hungry. But you may not like their innovation.


“Actually, I was bored of eating the same food everyday and wanted something different. So I let the mouse have my meal. Maybe I will kill it tonight and gift it to my hooman.”


This cat was missing the grandma. “Just wanted to say hi!”

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