10 Hands-Down Hilarious Photos Of Cats From The Instagram Page ‘Cat Virus.Exe’


Cats are pawsome and they know how to put a smile on everyone’s face. You just can’t be sad when a cat is around. The felines are born to make everyone around them happy. So if you are ever feeling sad, just go and get a cat. Humans all around the world love cats and there are several pages on social media just for cats. Cat lovers can’t stop adoring these furry creatures. If you can’t understand why cats are so pawsome, just spend some time with cats and you will know it all.

Here are some hands-down hilarious photos of cats from the Instagram page ‘Cat Virus.Exe’. Have a look at these cats and you won’t be able to control your laughter!


When you wake up before your cat and start creating the unwanted noises in the house. “Someone is trying to sleep here, hooman. Can you please keep it down!”


When your kitty loves to get clicked, instead of scratching you every time you try to take a picture of him.


A cat can sit anywhere he likes. You have no right to stop the cat from doing what it wants.


Sometimes you are not supposed to listen to the cat, no matter how adorable he looks. Otherwise you will left with no choice, but to chase the cat around.


When your cat is a fashionista, this is all you need to do.

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Cats love to dress up too. Not every cat will do this, but those who do are super excited about it at all times. You can see how pawsome this cat looks and she definitely has amazing choice.


Don’t take your cat grocery shopping or this is how it will look like!


Cats can do anything for each other. Look at this picture and you will know how cats take care of each other!


When your cat is super conscious of her weight and always makes sure that she looks perfect.


Cats rule the world and you can clearly see how this cat is playing with the Sun.


When the cat thinks that you have killed another one of his kind. You will have to face the consequences if this happens and that won’t be good.

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