10+ Heart-melting Adoption Stories of Pawsome Cats


Cat lovers know how their every decision revolves around their cats. But it happens only when a fur ball chooses to live with you. No matter how much you would love to take an adorable kitty home, it will only happen if he decides so. We have compiled some beautiful adoption stories of these furry creatures. We are sure that they will definitely melt your heart.

#1 Meet Batman! He likes to stay high on catnip.

#2 This feral cat refuses to leave and guess what, it’s his furrever home now. This is how cats choose their family.

#3 “We were glad to save this one from the cold winters.”

#4 Cats always know how to make their way into our hearts. If a cat loves you, you can’t keep it away for long.

#5 Are you going to adopt a cat and have pre-set conditions in your mind. Forget all about it. You won’t get to select the cat, it will be other way around.

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#6 Cats don’t build a home for themselves, they find it and live in it.

#7 This cat was destined for royalty. He only found out later.

#8 It’s time to take revenge now.

#9 Cats may not stay with us forever, but they will stay alive in our memories furrever.

#10 Once you take a cat in, he is never leaving. He will be your furrever guest.

#11 When you decide to rescue a cat, it is your cat now. There is no going away. So take good care of your fur ball.

#12 Smart black kitty found a nice home to give birth to her kittens. Purrfect feline family got a purrfect home.

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