10 Hilarious And Unusual Hiding Places For Cats


Cats are an expert when it comes to hiding. Sometimes, the felines have to hide from the vet and sometimes, they have to hide from their hoomans. So it is good to keep on brushing their hiding skills. Cat hoomans are always on the look out for their cats. They know that once their cat starts playing hide and seek, it will take ages to find them.

These ten cats have found the most comfortable hiding places for themselves. Have a look and get to know what all places cats can hide into. Maybe it will help you out when it comes to searching for your own cat.


Good going kitty. It will be really hard for anyone to spot you here.


Cats will do anything to avoid people. This works pretty well.


A cat’s desperate measures to hide from you, but all in vain. We can still spot you little kitty. Maybe you should hide somewhere else.


This cat is really scared of the vet. He even refused to look at the vet. “I am not here. I am not visible. Go treat someone else.”


And the award for the best hiding place goes to this kitty. His hooman thought that the kitty went missing.

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We are already impressed by the hiding skills of a cat. It’s amazing to see how well their imagination works. There is no doubt that nobody can beat them in the game of hide and seek. Cat hoomans hate to play this game with their cat. First of all because they can never beat their cat in this game. Secondly, the entire day goes away looking for their cats. It’s a no win situation for the cat hoomans.


A cat’s failed, yet adorable attempt at hiding away. Better luck next time, furry paw!


“I like this hiding place. It’s soft and comfortable.”


A little cat in a glittery tree is the best beginning of Christmas one could ask for.


When you don’t let your cat inside the bathroom, they will find a way to get in somehow.


This is my cat’s most comfortable hiding place till now.

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