10 Hilarious Animal Photos With Pawsome Stories Behind Them


Animals not only share a beautiful relationship with their hoomans, but with their fellow animals as well. It’s always good to know about the heart touching animal stories as they give us hope that there is still good out there in the world. It’s adorable to see how animals are so pure and have good intentions for everyone.

Here are some amazing stories about animals that will definitely melt your heart.


Cat owners share the purest kind of relationship with their cats. This picture is a proof of that.

My mom meeting her dream kitten for the first time today!


This is the best proposal ever because nobody can ever dare to say no to this adorable cat.

My baby helped my boyfriend propose to me yesterday!


Love can change everything.

These pictures of our cat Drax were taken 4 months apart. When we got him from the animal shelter, his back half had practically no fur and he weighed just 4.5 lb. He’s really fluffed out!


“You keep your secrets and I will keep mine.”

My cat is on a diet. I found his stash.


Everything will be okay, so just put a smile on that face now.

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My dog, who has never liked cats, adopted my baby foster kitten. She adopted him too, I think…


Cats are really good at keeping secrets. This one has two families and both of them had no clue about it.


Orang-utan and otters can be best friends too.

In a Belgian zoo, the otters and primates live together. They’re friends and the baby orangutan plays hide and seek with the otters.


When the zebra is not feeling good, just give him a hug.

This baby zebra ran away from lions and hid among sheep. Now the man is her mommy.


This dog was officially hired by the bank.

This is Jax, the official stamp-licker in Scotland. He works every day, patiently expecting new clients.


The wait was worth it!

I’ve been waiting 6 years to get a dog and the day finally came. Meet Archie!

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