10 Hilarious Cat Memes Just in Time for Caturday!


There is nothing better than cat memes to make you happy. Everyone goes through a tough time at one point or the other. Even when you don’t have a cat to hold your hand, you can always resort to cat memes. Felines are always around you. Just make some effort to find a cat and they will appear in some form or the other.

Here are some pawsome cat memes to make your day happier and brighter. Have fun!


“Till the time I am here by your side nothing can go wrong. Trust me!” This is truly adorable and hilarious at the same time.


Fooling a cat is tough. But if you act smartly, even a cat can be tamed.


Once a cat decides to taste your drink, he is not giving it back to you. Also, he would need a refill, so take care of that too.


If a cat has chosen you, it’s yours now. He won’t step into another house now.


Almost successful, almost!

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Cats maybe busy doing something that they love, but they never stop being pawsome. Felines have a way with everything and at the end, they get everyone’s love somehow. Well, that’s why cats were born. This is their true purpose. To get love and to teach everyone how to give love. Cats may not stay with us forever, but they make sure that they spread happiness where they go. Cat hoomans consider themselves really lucky and will always be grateful for cats.


“Something is really wrong with this hooman. Why doesn’t he understand that he is doing it all wrong!”


“Hooman, this plant bites back. Where did you get this?”


You don’t always have to obey a cat. Sometimes, just stay away for your own good.


“Hooman, I might have dropped this planet by mistake or on purpose. Can you clean this up all asap? The dust is sticking to my fur.”


Cats are just pawsome. There is no questioning them about it.

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