10 Hilarious Cat Pictures Showing They Are The Biggest Jerks To Dogs


Cats are always on the top of everything, be it the most adorable pet or the biggest jerks to dogs. Yes, you heard that right. For years, dogs have been after cats. But cats finally get to take revenge and it won’t be sweet at all.

Here are some cats being the biggest jerks to dogs. This is totally hilarious, but do the poor dogs deserve it? Well, a cat and a dog can’t be friends and the equation between them would never be a balanced one. So here’s how the two have been dealing with it.


This dog is scared of little kittens. He doesn’t even get down from that chair when the kittens are around.


This dog is pretty bugged about the cat taking his place, but he can’t do much about it.


“Anything that makes the cat happy will make me happy. But this bed is a bit small and uncomfortable. Mr. Hooman, you should get a big bed for both of us.”


When cats take revenge, it won’t be sweet. In fact, it will be very painful.


“Can I just take a bite first?”

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By now, you must have already understood that messing with a cat is not a good idea. You know what the consequences would be if you ever do that. If you have not understood yet, then we have some more cat pictures to show you what it’s like.


“This world is a big place and you won’t meet a lot of good place. So you better stay close to me. I will protect you.”


When you were about to spend some me time in your favorite place, but the cat gave you some work.


When the cat is sad and doesn’t play with you, just sit back quietly and watch.


“Get aside, you are in my way!”


“Listen, wake up! It’s time to play. You can’t sleep now. I won’t let you!”

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