10 Hilarious Cat Pictures That Prove They Are The Biggest Jerks (New Pics)


Cats may seem selfish and weird, but they always have logic behind everything that they do. It is hilarious to see them do weird things and still act like they are the smartest one in the room. Cats may be smart and really adorable. But there are times when they come across as the biggest jerks. Here are some pictures to prove that cats are the biggest jerks in the room. Have a look and we bet you won’t be able to stop laughing.


It is not easy to convince black cats to do something. They are very smart and won’t do anything that won’t benefit them.


“Do your work properly! Your boss has appointed me to keep a watch on you. He will give me cat treats.”


Cats focus on the right things. They don’t have time for stupid things.


“I did not do this. You left it at the wrong place and I stepped on it by mistake.”


A cat can lock you at home and take the keys away. Be careful when you threaten your cat.

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Cats may be the biggest jerks, but they are also the most hilarious one in the room. You have to agree that life will be black and white without them. Felines put fun and adventure in everything they do. They know that they are the ones who bring joy in everyone’s life.


The cat gets to put the last puzzle piece in place always. He was so tired that he fell asleep. But he is still holding the puzzle piece tightly. Nobody gets to steal it.


When the cat decides to sleep on your salad instead of eating it. Cats have weird choices.


“My hooman doesn’t have a sense of style. He gets it wrong every time.”


Every task is incomplete without a cat’s approval. Till the time a cat puts his mark, you can’t consider the that the task is accomplished.


“Sorry hooman, it was urgent. I couldn’t find another place.”

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