10+ Hilarious Cat Posts That You Will Definitely Appreciate


It doesn’t matter whether you love cats or not. If a cat decides to make you laugh, he will. Cats are always doing adorably weird stuff that we totally appreciate. After all, we need some pawsomeness in our otherwise not so awesome lives.

Here are some hilarious cat posts to make your day better.


The chief of police i.e. this adorable cat caught the thief on time. Look how diligent he is!


And that’s the best love story ever!



Every time my cat gets tired, he does this. I wonder from where does he get such pawsome ideas. I find him super smart.


“So I was wondering if you could cancel your dinner tonight and spend some time with me. Doesn’t it sound pawsome? I can nap on your lap and you can read your book.”


“My cat loves to stare at the wall, so I put some pictures for him.”

Are you enjoying the adorable cat posts? We are sure you all must be laughing out loud by now.


“I got this expensive bed for my cat and she prefers to sit on a paper towel. Why do you do this to me!”


Every cat dad who refuses to adopt a cat, ends up like this. “My husband literally puts the TV on mute whenever our cat is sleeping. Also, he won’t move till he gets up.”

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“You better leave us alone before this meeting turns into the one where we plan to kill you. Then drop the plan because who will feed us if we killed you.”


“I put up these lights because my cat likes them. Maybe he has a change of heart now and he wants me to put the other ones.”


Sending love from afar!

My cat has been at the vet for a few nights due to some health concerns and the vet nurse sends little messages and pictures every night.


“It’s time for my walk. Can you open the door, please?”

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