10 Hilarious Cat Snapchats To Prove That Life is Better With Them


Cat hoomans have the best quarantine companion. There furry friends have kept them busy and going all through these rough times. No doubt cats are amusing and funny. But sometimes its the other way round and cat hoomans are the ones making cat lives interesting. A cat’s way to fame goes through their hoomans.

Some hoomans shared cat snapchats and they are super hilarious. Don’t miss out and check them here!

#1 “Our cat has the weirdest expressions when we click his pictures.”

#2 “My cat thinking about his next treats already. You better lose that extra weight first.”

#3 Every cat has a weird habit. This one just has an adorable one.

#4 When you have the best companions to stay home with, but you are planning your next outing already.

#5 “Too upset to care who’s looking. Anyways, I already had a bad day. Don’t need anything else to bring me down.”

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#6 When you don’t match the qualifications, but get the work done anyhow.

#7 If your cat goes missing, just print out some of his amazing pictures and there you do. That’s all he wanted from you in the first place.

#8 “This used to be my cat’s favorite sitting place, until he grew out of it.”

#9 When you have finally completed all your work and get a minute to take a breath. “That’s the best spot ever. Not leaving here anytime soon.”

#10 When your cat acts cute and strange all at ones, just click a picture.

By now, many cat hoomans are already opening their snapchats to capture their cats in the weirdest poses. Good luck there! Don’t forget to share with us.

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