10 Hilarious Cat Tweets That Will Definitely Bring A Smile On Your Face


Cats rule the world. If you are lucky to have one, then we are sure that your life revolves around them. Well, why won’t it when they are the biggest or maybe the only reason for your happiness. Cats know what their hoomans want and will bring a huge smile on your face even when you feel like frowning. We have a collection of some cat tweets. Have a look and you won’t regret!

#1 Only cat lovers can understand that their love for cats supersede anything and everything.

#2 When it comes to cats, you always listen. Saying no is never an option.

#3 When you don’t ask for your cat’s permission before eating the last slice. “You’ll will rot in hell, hooman!”

#4 “You think your girlfriend is very demanding? Meet my cat and you will happily do as she says.”

#5 Just like cats, their hoomans can also go an extra mile to make their fur balls happy. Well, birthdays always call for fulfilling all the wishes.

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#6 Growing old with forty cats in the house is always an option for cat lovers. Who needs a life partner when you can live with cats?!

#7 If you are still learning what to do with all the extra time on hand, better get a cat.

#8 Cats will not appreciate you, but they may appreciate the little gifts you give them or an iPad in this case.

#9 Just when you try to click a good selfie to impress a boy, but your cats decide otherwise. “Dear hooman, you are better off without that stupid boy in your life.

#10 You can never ever understand cat language, so just focus on their actions.

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