10+ Hilarious Cat Tweets We Know You Can Relate To


Every cat hooman can relate to at least one common thing about cats. Even though every feline is different, there are some things that every cat does. It is hilarious how cats go about doing their usual stuff in the most adorable manner. Cats must imagine what their hoomans are laughing at all the time. Well, nothing is more hilarious than cats!

Here are some hilarious cat tweets that you will definitely relate to!


Cats don’t like to steal the dog’s bed all the time. Sometimes they like to steal yours too. So make sure that you have other places to sleep in your home.


This cat got his music on point. Many people have already requested him to be the DJ for their party.


“Hi hooman, I don’t know how to wrap it, but I hope you like it. Please open the door and let me in. I want to see that smile on your face.”


And when we say cats are good at camouflaging, it includes human hair too.


When one cat gets all the hugs and the other one can’t do anything about it. “This is not fair at all!”

Is that a smile on your face? See you are smiling already. Nobody can resist laughing at these adorable cats and the silly things that they do.


You have to be really careful when you live with cats. They can get offended very easily.


Leaving a cat alone at home is the hardest thing that the cat hooman does. Getting late for work is a usual thing for cat hoomans.


Purrito is always better than burrito. Cats look the most adorable when they sleep.


“My cat saw me lying this way on the couch and now he won’t stop doing it.”


Cats be the best cuddle buddies ever. Cat hoomans love this part of living with cats.


When your cat finds that one comfortable place in the house and doesn’t move from there.


How do cats manage to sit on top of anything and everything?

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